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Yet another quilt with circles and my other love, leaves, appears here. 
I am currently working on a whole series of mandala quilts that will be part of a group exhibit
at the Carnegie Arts Center, in Covington, KY, later this year (2010).


Manic Organic

42” x 42”

Based on an idea in “Inspiration Odyssey” by Diana Swim Wessels, which she terms a medallion style with a bullseye design. The circles are actually constructed using a form of reverse appliqué. The machine appliquéd organic elements are based on classic motifs from Ancient Greek, Celtic and Victorian ornament. Of course it is inundated with circles (smile). The corner motifs are hand stitched ala Japanese sashiko It is highly embellished with buttons, sequins, beads and metallic trim.

This quilt is to be included in a 2011 publication of C&T books about color and edited by Christine Barnes.

Reflections of the Heart through Time and Space

20” x 28”

Fifty five years span the time between the black and white photo of my 4 year old self, taken with a “Brownie” box camera, and the jpg. digitals of the places featured in the quilt. They are from the southeast corner of England in Kent, right on the English Channel across from Calais in France. Three of the fabric photos are of my hometown of Ramsgate, one of which is on the street where I was born and lived to age 8. The other three are of the neighbouring town of Broadstairs where I spent 5 years of my adolescence at boarding school. The 4 year old existed in this landscape and wandered these streets and seafronts many times alone, as growing up it was a very safe and wonderful place to explore. I also walked these landscapes with a beloved grandmother and with school friends. These are places of my childhood, revisited several times over the years, mostly on my own and most recently in the fall of 2006 with my husband, when the photos used here where taken. They are places of the heart, revisited frequently in memory and often on google earth, while seated at my computer.

In the quilt landscape I move through time and space, I have changed but the places have remained essentially intact. They existed before I existed and they will be there when I am no longer.

On another level there are reflections created by the sun on the eye glasses I wore from the age of 2. The photo of my 4 year old self wears “spectacles” but they were pink wire frames and the photo was too overexposed for them to be clearly visible. I have, therefore, drawn them in with pen. My mother always made me take them off for photos as she claimed they made me look “ugly” so finding this photo of my “ugly duckling” self I decided to celebrate that part of me that I feel allowed me to see the world in a different way than those with “normal” eyesight. I played up this secondary theme in the border inspired by the brightly painted changing rooms at Viking Bay. The final border was inspired by the double yellow lines that designate “No Parking’ along the curbs of those very narrow streets.

The digital photos and the scanned black and white photo were printed on an ink jet

My family at Ramsgate seafront, August, 1935

Left to right: my mother (age 12), my grandmother,
my great grandfather and his second family



Fish Dish

25” x 21”

The fish is stamped and stuffed  and adhered onto a plate cut out from a Home Dec fabric. 
The piece reminded me of a quilted place mat and I took my quilting cue from that thought.
It is embellished with plastic cutlery, and rhinestones.



Fruit Salad

30” x 33”

The diamond motif was based on an old quilt pattern published in an early quilting magazine. The suggested colors were raspberry, tangerine, lemon, lime etc. which lead to my color choices and theme.
The diamonds were paper pieced. This was my first experiment using watercolor pencils directly onto fabric. These allowed me to detail and shade each fruit  as  if I was using watercolors on paper. The watercolor pencils were then sealed with diluted textile medium and then appliquéd. .


Fall's Fashion Statement

19” x 21”

An interpretation of a photograph of an autumn scene. Using quilt artist, Noriko Endo's technique of sandwiching a gazillion minuscule pieces of fabric between layers of black tulle.

Collection of Nancy and Rick Morgan, Cincinnati, OH.

Black and White Thinking
(work in progress)

12” x 12”

A somewhat new direction  based on the Japanese concept of Notan. It focuses on the interaction between positive and negative space, a relationship embodied in the ancient symbolism of the Yang and the Yin. In composition it recognizes the separate but equally important identity of both shape and it's background. This small piece uses this concept in the infinite expansion of  a design “folded out” from a central square. I see the possibilities of adapting this to a circle and expanding it into a positive and negative mandala.

I will be teaching a basic design class in Notan and adapting it for Art quilters at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus, OH, this summer 2010.

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