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In 1992, I showed work at the Cincinnati Nature Center. This lead to a commission to do a fund raising quilt based on the artwork of local Cincinnati Artist Charley Harper. This proved to be so successful in raising money for their education fund that for the next 15 years I continued to do an annual quilt for them. Initially I continued to interpret Harpers work, but I eventually submitted nature themed quilts of my own design. As long as they contained “Flora and Fauna” indigenous to Ohio and I touched base with one of the Naturalists for tweaking, I was given pretty much free reign. I found this a great forum for experimenting with new techniques, and formats. Many of the things
I tried in these quilts got stretched into new ideas in succeeding pieces.
This gallery shows selected works from my 15 year sojourn.


Seasons in Sunshine and Shadows

74” x  93” 

Using Harper Graphics, I used the Log Cabin Quilt as a landscape onto which to superimpose the motifs.

Collection of Joyce Wooten, Oxford, OH


Seasonal Samplers Series

Using the identical layout for each. I changed the colors and the Flora and Fauna to reflect the season.

41" x 41" (each piece)

Collection of William and Judith Ann Lipsky, Cincinnati, OH.








Habitat/Ecosystems Series

Again using the identical layout for each Habitat, I changed the colors to reflect each niche in the Ecosystem. Another piece displaying my affinity for circles, this time with windows. I also used the layout of the quilt as a landscape in which the native specimens could navigate.

42” x 50”

Pond Partisans

Collection of Mary DellBrugge, Cincinnati, OH.

Forest Families

Collection of Pat Randolph, Loveland, OH.


Field Fraternaties

Collection of Dottie Posilico, Milford, OH.


Stream Sojourners

Collection of Bob Kemp, Loveland, OH.

Nocturnal and Diurnal Duet

Using the same layout, the Flora and Fauna celebrate the indigenous inhabitants
of the daytime and the nighttime hours.

Moonlight Meanderings

54” x 72”

Collection of Cindy Alveson, Loveland, OH.

Sunlight Scenarios

55” x 75”

Collection of Rick and Nancy Morgan, Cincinnati, OH.


Metamorphic Miracles

65” x 65”

This kaleidoscope design celebrates the miracle of metamorphosis, showing indigenous
butterflies and moths as they pass through their various stages from chrysalis to caterpillar
to exquisitely beautiful winged creatures.

Collection of Jacqueline Vidourek, Cincinnati, OH.


Life at Lotus Pond/Triptych

20” x 50” - 37” x 50” - 20” x 50”

The central layout was adapted from an ethnic Korean motif made from concentric circles.
The side panels show twilight and daylight activity around the pond. All the animals and plant life
are indigenous to Lotus Pond at the Rowe Woods facility.

Collection of Dennis Pattinson, Newport, KY.



Krippendorf Chronicles

60” x 60”

Krippendorf Lodge is the old house, original to the estate where the main campus of the Cincinnati Nature Center now resides. It is surrounded by beautiful woodlands that house many native birds and wildflowers. While the lodge was appliqued, the birds and wildflowers were rendered in watercolor pencils, sealed with diluted textile medium.

Collection of Margaret Lester, Alexandria, KY.

The Triumph of Gorman Farm

59” x 71”

Gorman Farm was originally one of the Cincinnati Nature Center sites. The Gorman family ceded the property to CNC when there were only two remaining family members left.  They did not want it to be leveled and turned into a housing development or become another industrial park. The original farmstead was surrounded on all sides by both encroachments. CNC was to use this working farm as an educational facility. This piece was commissioned to hang permanently in the “Interpreters Building”The city of Evendale, OH. became the owners of Gorman Farm when CNC relinquished the site to them.

Collection of  Gorman Heritage Farm, Evendale, OH.


A Carpet of Leaves

49” x 72”

The idea for this layout was based on a design from an Oriental Carpet.
All the leaves are indigenous to Ohio and were chosen for their vibrant fall colors.
The title refers to what it feels like when walking on fallen leaves on the ground or floor of the woods
when we visit there during the autumn season.

Collection of  Ruth Hardwick, Westchester, OH.

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