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Very early on in my art quilt journey the circular image appeared and kept on surfacing. In this gallery one of my earliest pieces, done during my Charley Harper phase, was an assortment of his graphic images drafted and assembled inside a circle. It was my first mandala quilt but certainly not my last.  Of course there are circle images in traditional quilts an example of this is “the Mariners” Compass. I took the one that I hand pieced in an early workshop and made it the center of a seriously embellished quilt called “the Secret Summer Sojourn of the Smocked Salmon”.
Then there is the “Dresden plate” block, another circle with which I had fun.



Dandelion Daze

34.5” x 34.5”


Ode to the prolific dandelion. One of the heraldic lions is in the rampant position describing the penchant dandelions have for becoming rampant wherever they seed. The “Lion Passant”, or walking lion, describes what the dandelion appears to do across my lawn and in my flower beds. I adapted the “Dresden Plate” block into the dandelion flower. My other penchant for fractiles lent itself easily to those fuzzy dandelion seed puffs. Embellished with felt petals, bugle beads and ladybird buttons.

Collection of Nancy Crace, Cincinnati, OH.


A Goldening of Ginkgos

54” x 64”
An idea based on the asymmetry of Japanese Art combined with a personal affinity for Ginkgo leaves. 
I experimented with how many ways I could stylize Ginkgo leaves to fit into circles ala Japanese shield designs.
I used real ginkgo leaves to stamp two borders, exploited a serendipitous find of ginkgo leaf fabric,
used sashiko stitching to further implement the Japanese theme,
and then translated sashiko quilting into an intricately pieced border.


The Secret Summer Sojourn
of the Smocked Salmon

60” x 60”

Many components of this quilt were started in several  workshops early in my quilting career. The Mariners compass and the Lemoyne Star were both hand pieced and it wasn't until I found a wonderful jigsaw puzzle, with tropical fish swimming around a pool from an overhead perspective, that the ideas for this piece began to ferment. The koi all have hand smocked and beaded inserts to suggest fish scales, the fins are stuffed and three dimensional. It is embellished with star fish, turtles  and small fish charms and there is a fish skeleton over the central circle. The title came about because I love word play.
The use of alliteration is evident in many of my quilt titles.

Collection of William J.Reilly, Cincinnati, OH.
Bequeathed to Marilyn Juleness, Cincinnati, OH

Of Mice and Menswear

44” x 44”

Done in the spirit and whimsy apparent in so much of the artwork of Charley Harper, using two of his characters that are personal favorites, the mouse and ladybird. It is embellished with buttons for ladybird spots and mouse eyes, ribbon for the spiderweb, pom-poms and hand embroidery for the spider, fish line  for the whiskers, shoe laces for the tails, pink felt ears and finally the mice are appliquéd in men's fine suiting wool.
Hence the title of the quilt.


Mystical Millennium Mandala

99” x 99”

Designed exclusively for Grailville, Loveland OH., It was a  fund raising quilt for the year 2000. I was challenged by the Grailville quilters to design a quilt to celebrate the millennium using 2000 pieces. I have long been fascinated with kaleidoscopes and their similarity to the mandala symbol.  The concept was to try and imagine what the world would look like if we cut it in half. The center would be white hot, then would come the colors of volcanic lava, then granite, coal and gold ore, next the deserts and deciduous forests, on to ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans, reaching sandy shores, bands of flowers, green meadows, vast grasslands and finally pine forests and  snow capped mountain ranges, under the cloud filled sky, before heading off into the blackness of space I drafted all the paper pieced units and the Grailville Quilters spent an entire weekend working on the components assembly line style. It went together like clockwork. I then finished the border and the echo quilting  by machine. The result was a jewel with 2012 pieces.......close enough.

Private Collection

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